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Surgical Lip Remodeling After Injection of Permanent Filler


Background: A major concern regarding permanent lip fillers is difficulty with revision should this be required. Currently, the only way to treat lip sequelae is by surgical remodeling.

Objectives: Based on the senior author’s 6-year experience, the authors collectively suggest a surgical method to correct lip deformity in such situations.

Methods: The records of 38 patients with lip deformity who underwent surgery between 2011 and 2017 after receiving permanent filler injections were analyzed retrospectively. A total of 38 consecutive patients (69 lips) with an average age of 38.8 years (range, 28-52 years) were treated surgically.

Results: All patients experienced postoperative swelling (average duration, 15 days), and no infections were recorded. In 3 cases, a 1-cm dehiscence was documented, which healed by secondary intention. In 1 case, a hematoma noted several days after surgery resolved spontaneously within 3 weeks. In 2 upper lips, a minor touchup procedure (with the patient under local anesthesia) was performed 9 months after the initial surgery. Overall, patients noted that it took at least 6 to 9 months to achieve natural lip movement. The average time until softening of the lip tissue was 4 months.

Conclusions: This study emphasizes the importance of informing patients that complete removal of permanent filler is not always possible. However, most of the authors’ patients were pleased with the results. This study also highlights the importance of paying strict attention when approaching the area adjacent to the oral commissures in order to avoid potential reductions in mouth opening that can occur from postoperative scarring.